Toothache Treatment Interventions from Dentists in Lincoln Square

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Cosmetic Dentists

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Toothache symptoms can manifest as dull or throbbing pain, sensitivity to certain foods, or pain while chewing or biting down. While some toothaches are harmless and last for only a short time, other toothaches may indicate the presence of a more serious dental problem. Here are the interventions you can anticipate from your family dentist in Lincoln Square during your visit for a toothache.

Dental X-rays and Oral Examination

Your family dentist in Lincoln Square will take dental X-rays to identify whether the source of your toothache is a cavity or an abscessed tooth. The X-ray will reveal the affected tooth’s location and the extent of damage. In addition to X-rays, your dentist will perform a comprehensive oral examination using probing dental instruments. They will assess your oral cavity for gum inflammation, loose teeth, cavities, bleeding, abnormal soft tissue, and drainage.

Pain relief and antibiotics

If your toothache is severe, your dentist may administer a local anesthetic injection to temporarily numb the painful area, providing you with short-term relief. If the toothache is the result of an infection, such as a dental abscess or infection of the gum tissue surrounding a tooth, oral antibiotics may be prescribed. Resolving your infection should eliminate your toothache. Furthermore, if a cavity is causing your toothache, your dentist will treat and fill the tooth.

If you experience a toothache or want to schedule a checkup, call Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square or stop by their office.