To Provide A Superior Customer Experience, Count On The Best Phone Systems In St. Louis

Many businesses are overlooking a valuable opportunity to increase their business. According to Lee Resources, 80% of businesses state that they provide “superior” customer service. However, only 8% of customers would agree with that statement. Obviously, most of those businesses are not providing the quality of customer service that their customers expect.

How Important is a Good Customer Experience?

• Researchers repeatedly find that more than 60% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

• Customers are becoming increasingly unwilling to put up with a bad customer experience – 86% now vs. 59% four years ago.

• Businesses who don’t focus on providing a quality customer experience are losing customers; almost 90% of consumers will buy from a competitor after one bad customer experience.

What Customers Want When They Call

Consumers are more demanding than ever, insisting that a company must earn their business with every contact.

Consumers want:

• To speak to a person quickly and not be routed through a long, confusing menu

• A knowledgeable service rep who can resolve the issue on the first call

• Multiple language support, avoiding language barriers and poor international call quality

• 24/7 availability

• Their personal data handled safely and securely.

What to Expect from an Excellent Outsourced Call Center

There are two critically important considerations when a consumer places a call: reaching a person quickly and reaching a resolution to the problem prompting the call. During the call, that operator represents your business and your brand.

Some of the benefits provided by an excellent outsourced call center include:

• Long-term retention of both call center employees and clients

• Custom phone systems in St. Louis that are engineered to meet your needs

• Cost of service that is easy to understand and cost-effective

• Rounding-up increments in tenths of a minute, not a whole minute

• Lack of long-term contracts and automatic renewals

• The ability to keep working regardless of power failures and natural disasters

• The same excellent service, 24/7

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