Tips to Find the Best Bakery in Atlanta

by | Jun 6, 2014 | Bakeries

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Whether you’re getting married and need a wedding cake, or you’re getting ready for your child’s next birthday party, it is very important that you Find the Best Bakery in Atlanta. When it comes to cake and sweet desserts, having nothing but the best is very important to keeping your guests happy. Settling for anything less could leave you with bland, tasteless cake that no one enjoys. If you’re going to find the best bakery, you’re going to need to know a few things including their experience, how their customer’s feel, and what they can do for you.


When looking for the best bakery in your area, it is important that they have the necessary experience to bake the types of cakes you need. There are so many different areas of expertise when it comes to baking. For instance, you may want fondant instead of icing, however, not all bakeries are knowledgeable in this area. Asking how many years they’ve been in business, as well as what their areas of expertise are is important.

Customer Experience

You can certainly tell a lot about a business by looking at customer reviews. Customers that are happy are going to post pictures as well as positive feedback on their experience. Check a few review sites to see what other customers have to say about the bakery before paying them a visit.


The best way to determine what a bakery can do for you is to ask to see their portfolio. Some of them will have photo galleries on their website which you can review. You can also request to see the portfolio by going into the bakery itself. See what types of cakes they’ve done in the past, and if they match anything similar to what you have in mind. You may find that their specialty is wedding cakes, while you need a child themed cake.

When you want to Find the best Bakery in Atlanta, you must make sure that you keep these credentials in mind. If they are able to show you that they have the experience, their customers are happy, and they have a quality portfolio, then you can rest assure they will provide quality service.