Tips on Working With a Child Dentist in Smyrna TN

Parents who are planning to take their infant, toddler, or child to the Child Dentist in Smyrna TN for the very first time may be apprehensive about the whole process. After all, the dentist may be a source of anxiety for children. However, that anxiety is often a learned behavior. If parents approach dental visits with the right attitude, their child will model that behavior in the future as well. When planning a visit to the pediatric dentist, it’s best to start with talking casually about the dental visit with the child. Tell them that the dentist is a friend who helps them stay healthy and teaches them some new games to play.

Many oral health care habits can be approached as a game with young children. Look for a child dentist who is willing to provide parents with tips about keeping kids engaged and interested in oral hygiene. This may include tips like allowing the child to choose their very own toothbrush. Another fun tip for kids is allowing them to pick out a flavored toothpaste. Some of the fun flavors for children include bubblegum and even chocolate mint. This can help get kids energized about brushing.

Specially flavored mouthwashes for kids are also available. The general recommendation is brushing twice a day for two minutes at a time. Allow kids to time their brushing with an egg timer that is kept in the bathroom. This allows children to feel like they have a high degree of control in their own oral health care.

Work with a children’s dentist who is willing to take a little bit of extra time with each young patient. This can be especially important when it’s time for dental procedures like teeth extractions or oral appliances. Kids who feel like the dentist is a trusted friend are much more likely to be cooperative when it comes time to have the type of dental procedures that might otherwise make them feel nervous or anxious. The dentist can even be fun for kids if the right approach is taken. When considering which Child Dentist in Smyrna TN to work with, click here to find out more today.