Tips on Getting the Right Truck Scales in York

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Weighing Scales

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A truck scale, commonly known as weighbridge in other continents, is a broad set of scales which are mounted on a concrete base on a permanent basis. These scales are strongly built in such a way that they can weigh very heavy loads and still maintain their original stability and firmness. Truck scales in York are used to weigh the capacity of empty and loaded trucks so as to maintain the standard capacity a vehicle requires. This reduces the rate of accidents that might have occurred due to overweight loads. Note that overweight trucks are subjected to heavy fines and penalties.

Truck scales are used in logistics to measure a truck’s load accurately. Once the truck rests on top of the scale, the truck scale attendants use their knowledge to calculate the weight of both loaded and empty trucks. They then give a final report on whether the truck is safe to go with a particular load or not. If it is not safe due to being overweight, action will be taken and you may find yourself in conflict with the concerned authorities.

Another importance of truck scales is that they are used to check the axle and gross vehicle weights. When the truck is overloaded, there is a high chance of breaking the axles and other sensitive parts like springs and shock absorbers. The scale is, therefore, important in this kind of situation as it will give you the right axle weight that will help avoid heavy fines and penalties.

As a competent driver who understands the driving codes of different states, it is a requirement for you to know the national weight standards which apply to both heavy commercial and light vehicles. Note that the weight standards may vary depending with the laws and regulations of a particular state.

When purchasing truck scales in York, always consider quality as your priority. You can find a reputable dealer on for a variety of truck scales and choose the one that has the features you require. They stock a wide variety of scales that are sure to meet your specific needs.