Tips on Finding a Collaborating Physician for a Nurse Practitioner

Throughout the last 25 years, nurse practitioners’ roles and duties have increased and changed in the United States. Yet to practice, NPs must still consult with a partnering physician in some jurisdictions. Selecting a collaborating physician for a nurse practitioner is a crucial choice if you work in a state that mandates such an agreement. This relationship may directly impact your practice’s success and your patients’ health.

What Qualities Are You Looking For?

Think about the working relationship you desire with your collaborating physician before you do anything else. Select a partner from a place like Collaborating Docs who is capable, shares your philosophy of patient care, is readily available when needed, and will do the task at hand at a fair price. Thinking ahead to your ideal working arrangement is always a good idea. This will enable you to effectively convey your needs to possible collaborator physicians, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings and helping you better understand your desires.

Educate Your Potential Collaborating Doctor

Ensure your applicant is well informed on the NP/physician collaborator relationship. Many doctors misunderstand what their job as a collaborating physician for a nurse practitioner will involve. Such misunderstandings may include assumptions on the possibility of malpractice liability, the length of time needed, and the cost of a collaborative partnership. So it’s critical to express your requirements as an NP and your state’s regulations. You can persuade doctors to join you in a joint effort if you are aware of their typical reservations.

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