Tips on choosing the roofing contractor

There are certain trades and industries that are difficult to effectively advertise, as such it has been found that word of mouth is best, this is particularly true when you are looking for the best roofing contractor in Orange Park FL. There are a number of people that you can talk to including other contractors that you have used in the past for repairs and other work around your home. Co-workers, neighbors and friends can also be a good source of names as many will have had experiences with roof repairs or re-roofing of their home. Eventually you will come up with a list of three or four candidate companies; the first thing to do is check them out with the local Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any actions taken against them that might put that particular candidate under less than favorable light. As you go through the process bear in mind that the best roofing contractor in Orange Park FL will probably not be the cheapest nor will they be the company that promises the fastest completion time. Cheap and quick is not the way to get a quality roofing job.

The roof on your home is obviously a critical component, a poorly constructed roof or a roof which has been damaged will prove to be detrimental to everything in the home, including the people who live in it. Before you begin interviewing the companies on your list take a little time to visit web sites that are dedicated to the subject, learn a little about roofs and the roofing industry; it often helps to know the right questions to ask and to understand the answers that you get.

When you interview the three or four potential candidates on your short list ask for references, past customers that you can call on. The best references are those that had the work done on their roof a few years back, if there any issues with the quality of the workmanship or the materials they will not show up in the first couple of months. When you talk to the references or even visit their homes keep your ears open for common threads; listen to what they say about the company’s performance, overall quality and workmanship. Don’t be put off if you hear the odd detrimental comment, what is important is that there is a trend that points to the roofing contractor in Orange Park FL being very good or seems to indicate that you should move on to the next candidate on your list.

Ask to see the business license and insurance policies of the candidate you feel good about, if all is in order you have no reason to think that the job won’t be perfect.

The best roofing contractor in Orange Park FL will be one that has worked hard over a number of years to develop an excellent reputation, one built on honesty, reliability and quality workmanship. You are invited to discuss your roofing requirements with Keith Stern Roofing.

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