Tips on Choosing Carpet in Apple Valley, MN For Your Home

Carpeting is a great addition to any home and will usually last you for a lifetime. Carpet is much easier to maintain and cheaper than most other flooring options. The following are a few tips to consider when choosing Carpet in Apple Valley, MN for your home.


If you have children or pets, the durability of the carpet you are installing is a very important factor. The durability is usually determined by the thickness of the carpet and also what kind of fiber it is made of is also a determining factor. The most expensive and durable type of carpet material is wool. Wool carpet is usually double the price of common nylon carpet, but it is very resilient and eco-friendly because it is a renewable resource.

Stain Resistance

Stain resistance is also a very important factor when picking a Carpet in Apple Valley MN to install in your home. An inherent stain resistant carpet is made from fibers that do not absorb any foreign liquid that is poured or spilled on them. This type of carpet is far more expensive that simply having a stain treatment put on your carpet. The money you spend on inherent stain resistant carpet will more than pay for itself because of the money you will save on carpet cleanings and other routine maintenance.

Carpet Padding

The carpet padding or underlayment is the cushion that is placed underneath your carpet as it is being installed. Many homeowners dismiss the idea of shopping for this padding, mostly because they fail to realize the importance of good padding. The only don’t when buying padding is to avoid foam padding, because it is a weak material that will deteriorate very rapidly.

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