Tips On Choosing A Wedding Caterer

Planning a memorable wedding can be a massive undertaking. There are a hundred things that must be done, and done perfectly. Picking a Chicago wedding caterer is right at the top of the “must get it right” list. Food and beverages will take a large part of the wedding budget, so getting it right is extremely important. There are a few tips that can help you find the wedding caterer that is right for your big day.

Know your budget:

Don’t even consider contacting event venues or caterers until you have set your budget. Determine your budget early in the planning stage. This helps you identify the companies that are affordable, and it gives the companies time to develop a comprehensive plan regardless of whether the meal will be seated or buffet style and the menu.

Talk with the wedding space provider:

The best space providers will be happy to provide you with contact details for their preferred caterers. Knowing that the caterer knows the venue through experience, and that they meet the high expectations of the space provided will take a lot off your mind. If you would prefer to invite proposals from other wedding caterers, ask the venue provider if they have any requirements that must be met. This knowledge will be important as you interview alternative caterers.

Read reviews:

After all the work you have put into choosing a Chicago wedding caterer, there is one further thing to do before you agree. Read reviews that have been posted on the internet by previous brides or talk to other people that you know have used the venue before.
There are things that make a big difference in the success of your meal; the food of course, but also the quality of the wait staff and attention to the smallest details can make or break a perfect wedding.

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