Tips From Diamond Jewelers in Worcester MA

When planning a proposal, a visit to a local Diamond Jewelers in Worcester MA who really knows diamonds well is an important step. Diamonds are the most classic choice for engagement rings, and are also an increasingly popular option for anniversary bands and promise rings. The main problem that many people run into when choosing a diamond is that they just don’t know where to begin with the multitude of choices out there today. For many people, it will be best to start with the basics. Consider stone shape before anything else. Does the intended recipient love classic and traditional looks? If so, a round cut diamond solitaire may be best. Someone who enjoys a more unique and streamlined look may prefer the marquis cut, and women who want an unusual look might like the emerald cut solitaire. There are even heart shaped diamond solitaires today.

Once the stone shape has been decided, the size and quality can be considered. Generally, it is necessary to prioritize one over the other. If having the biggest possible diamond stone is the most important thing, quality may not be as high as it would with a much smaller stone. However, it is possible to get a very small diamond that is virtually flawless. Many people choose to meet in the middle by choosing a moderately sized stone, usually one carat or less, that is high quality but not necessarily flawless.

The majority of diamonds sold today are white diamonds, also called colorless diamonds. In reality, most white diamonds do have some natural inclusions that means they are not completely colorless. However, they will generally appear colorless unless being examined under a professional jeweler’s loupe. Colored diamonds are more unusual, but are also more costly in most cases. Some popular colors for diamonds include blue, yellow, and pink.

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