Tips for Switching Auto Insurance in Austin TX

Although there are a few reasons to shop around, such as moving, getting married, or buying a new vehicle, reviewing one’s Auto Insurance in Austin TX every few years is a smart move. Like other things in life, insurance changes over time, and the best coverage today may not be appropriate in the future.

Here, drivers can learn more about switching policies and providers.

The Right Time To Switch

Although major life changes force people to think about things like insurance, renewal time is another good time to comparison shop. With information such as coverage limits, monthly premium, and discount availability, drivers can make accurate comparisons and choose the right policy for their needs. In most places, renewal notices come three or four weeks before the new policy starts, which gives customers plenty of time to compare and buy new coverage.

Stay Insured

Drivers shouldn’t cancel their current policies before having new coverage in place. Beyond the risk of an accident while uninsured, a person may expose themselves to legal penalties. It’s always a good idea to line up the start of a new policy with the end of the old one.

Think Before Buying

While big discounts are real attention-grabbers, there are considerations to make beyond the monthly premium. The lowest price doesn’t always mean the lowest overall cost. Changing carriers could mean giving up discounts for loyalty, policy bundling, accident forgiveness, and more. Drivers should consider what they’re getting (and what they’re giving up) when switching their Auto Insurance in Austin TX.

Cancel the Old Policy

It’s important to cancel the current policy in writing. If it was bought online, the provider may have an online cancellation option, but it’s best to do it in written form. Include the driver’s name and address, the policy number, the desired date of and the reason for cancellation, the new carrier and policy number, the driver’s signature and the date.

It’s every driver’s right to switch auto insurance, but there’s a proper way to go about it. By following these tips, customers can save money, time, and hassle. Call Patrick Court today to learn more about Texas auto insurance options.

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