Tips for Successfully Using Mulch in Hartford, CT

There are many reasons to use mulch in Hartford, CT. One of the most common ones is to help stabilize moisture levels in gardens. It’s hard for water to pass through mulch, so it can be used both to keep already-moist ground wet enough as well as to keep the garden from being washed out by heavy rains. There is one trick to successfully managing moisture levels in a mulched garden, though, and that is to water it very well when the time does come. This is because the irrigation water will be repelled by the mulch just like the rain. In fact, using a soaker hose is the best solution for watering a garden that’s covered in mulch. Such a hose is installed below the mulch, so its water can get where it needs to go without a problem.

Another reason to put mulch on a garden is to help keep weeds down. The key to success with this goal is to make sure you’ve gotten rid of all of the weed seeds before you put the mulch in place. Otherwise, new weeds will grow up through the covering.

Mulch in Hartford, CT is also useful for walkways. Using it, rather than gravel or asphalt, provides a natural appearance that blends in well with surrounding trees and other wild plants. This type of mulch lasts about one season before it biodegrades enough to need replacement, which is a long enough effective time for most installations.

One thing to be sure of is the source of any mulch you buy. For gardens, be sure that it comes from untreated wood. Companies like Dunning Sand & Gravel offer a wide selection of untreated mulch that you can feel confident about placing even around food plants. When walkways are involved, it can be tempting to seek a treated variety. Alas, a wide expanse of treated wood chips is usually harmful to wildlife, surrounding plants, and groundwater. Therefore, it’s better to choose a walkway mulch that is made from wood that naturally resists premature degradation and requires no chemical additions. There are many types of mulch that meet these specifications, so it should be easy to get all you need.

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