Tips for Successful Septic Pumping NJ

The septic tank is one of the most important features of any home and office because of the essential function it performs. The tank acts as a holding container for waste water that runs out of showers, sinks and toilets in a building. Along with helping this waste water and any solids it contains to break down and absorb completely, the septic tank also keeps the foul odor caused by the waste away from occupants of the home or office building. These factors make it important to maintain your septic tank and system properly at all times. For the best results, utilize the following tips for successful septic pumping NJ.

Avoid using soaps and household cleaners with antibacterial ingredients

While antibacterial cleanser are good for keeping hands and surroundings clean, they tend to have a negative impact on septic systems. This is due to the effect that the antibacterial properties has on bacteria that breaks down waste matter in the septic tank. To prevent this problem, choose cleansers and soaps that do not contain antibacterial additives.

Do not introduce substances into the septic system that are not biodegradable

Whenever possible, avoid letting substances that are non-biodegradable go down into your drains and toilets and ultimately into your septic tank. Substances such as oils, chemicals, pesticides and paper products disturb the equilibrium of the bacteria in the tank and prevent waste from breaking down properly. Instead of letting them flow down into the drains, dispose of these substances in the trash.

Always look for warning signs that something is going wrong with your septic system

One of the best ways to ensure the continuous functioning of your septic system is paying attention to warning signs that indicate a problem so that you can address it quickly. If you notice issues such as foul odors, drains that do not flow freely and leaking, that means that your system needs immediate maintenance checks or pumping to function properly again.

Use these tips to ensure optimal maintenance and performance of your septic tank and system for efficient and easy septic pumping NJ. If you need more information about septic system maintenance or want to schedule an appointment for a septic pumping, contact a professional industry organization today.

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