Tips for Seniors to Get an Affordable Vehicle Insurance Policy in Suffolk County NY

When a person first learns to drive, age doesn’t work in their favor when it’s time to buy auto insurance. As one ages, their rates go down, but the decline doesn’t go on forever. Once the driver reaches their 60s, they may experience a decline in motor skills and vision, which can lead to a higher insurance rate. There’s nothing to be done about getting older, but these tips can help an elderly driver get more information on a vehicle insurance policy in Suffolk County NY.

Tell the Insurer About Yearly Mileage

When an older customer gets insurance quotes, they may be asked how many miles are driven per year. The higher the number, the more one will pay, and drivers should tell the insurer when they’ve cut back on driving. A person can get a discount for driving less, whether they’re renewing a policy or looking for a new one.

Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

There are multiple auto insurance companies to choose from, and all offer quotes. Therefore, one shouldn’t go with the first provider they find. As a rule, an older driver should ask for a minimum of three quotes from different insurance companies.

Install an Antitheft Device (or Two)

The more security features a vehicle has, the less one will pay for auto insurance. Get additional protection for the vehicle by installing an alarm, a kill switch, and a GPS tracker. LoJack and OnStar are two well-known providers, and many insurers offer discounts for drivers whose vehicles have these features.

Brush Up on Driving Skills

Depending on where one lives, insurers may have to extend discounts to senior citizens. In other areas, though, seniors may have to take a refresher course to get the discount. AAA and the AARP both offer courses online and in-person; check with the local DMV to determine its criteria for seniors’ driving courses.

Buy a Cheap-to-Insure Car

Cars that are expensive to repair, such as foreign and high-end models, will naturally cost more to insure. If one is looking for a new car, they should compare quotes for a variety of models before deciding on a vehicle. If the driver will only use the car for work purposes, they should consider a commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy in Suffolk County NY.

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