Tips for Sending Money Via International Wire Transfer from Florida

Sending money internationally from Florida is not a difficult task if the correct service is selected to manage the transfer. By using a recognized, trusted company for an international wire transfer, common security issues and fraud concerns are eliminated, and the transfer can occur quickly and without any complications.

Many people assume that online options to send money, including through online wallets and financial platforms, are safe and secure. However, these sites can be spoofed or hacked, potentially creating security risks for both the sender and the receiver when providing passwords and login information. Adding funds to these accounts is particularly problematic as it links directly to your banking account.

Using a specialized international wire transfer service offers top security. By paying cash to the agent as the sender, and also requiring specific information from the receiver, this is a highly secure transaction with no links to any financial information or banking details.

Consider the Amount

Sending money internationally from Florida using a wire transfer service is a very low-cost solution. The amount of the fee for the service is based on the total value of the transfer.

Sending one international wire transfer for a larger amount of money is often less costly than sending multiple wire transfers for smaller amounts of money over a period of time. Of course, there may be very good reasons to send the smaller amounts, but it is worth considering the difference in fees with larger single transfers as compared to multiple small transfers.

Talk to the Person Receiving the Transfer

The individual receiving the money needs to provide identification to match the name on the wire transfer. He or she needs to have the MTCN or money transfer control number as well as the amount of money expected.

This information is used by the agent to verify the identification of the receiver. This provides additional security as the MTCN number must be provided by the sender.