Tips for Selecting a Trash Removal Service in Nassau County, NY

In theory, renting a dumpster sounds relatively simple but it is far from it. There are so many different options for you to choose from that it can be a bit overwhelming for an inexperienced renter. The following are a few tips for you to use when looking to rent a dumpster from a Trash Removal Service in Nassau County, NY.

Local vs. Corporate Chain

In most cases, you will save more money if you choose your local Trash Removal Service in Nassau County, NY for dumpster rental because they have little overhead compared to a franchise. When renting from a local business, you will be helping your community as well as receiving a quality service for a fraction of the price. Many small businesses will cut you a good deal because they thrive on repeat business from loyal customers.

When to Rent a Dumpster

Usually, you will need to rent a dumpster in construction situations such as remodeling or building of a home. Many people do not understand the amount of garbage and debris that can be created when constructing a new home. Remodeling a home produces two times the debris due to the fact that you are tearing out old materials and then putting new materials in, which causes for double the trash. Generally, a trash removal company will cut you a good deal if you rent the dumpster for more than a few days. The rule of thumb when renting a dumpster is to get one that is at least two times bigger than what you think you need.

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