Tips for Rodent Control in Chula Vista

If you find that you have a rodent in your home, then it’s time to call in rodent control in Chula Vista. The professionals at Antac pest control can get the problem under control and have your home rodent free in short order. However, what’s to stop them from coming back when the pest control professional leaves? Read on for some tips on how to keep the rodents at bay in your home.

The first thing you will want to do is keep doors closed as much as possible. Anything can wander into your home if the door is wide open. It is okay to leave open doors that have screens when additional screen or storm doors are in place, but don’t leave your home open to the world with no protection at all. This includes making sure that the doors leading into your home are properly sealed so that rodents can’t sneak through.

Make sure to sweep and vacuum on a regular basis. Nothing attracts rodents more than crumbs and debris on the floor. Keep your pet’s food, and all food, in closed containers so that the rodents can’t smell them and come inside looking to eat. Once rodents invade your home, you normally end up having to call in the rodent control in Chula Vista professionals to make them leave. Remember that rodents carry diseases such as rabies, and have been known to carry the bubonic plaque as well, even if it hasn’t be seen in centuries. Why take that chance with your home and family?

Keep your trash can clean and don’t let garbage pile up inside or outside. A trash heap is like a slice of heaven to a rat, and they will never want to leave. Place some type of screen on any hole that leads into your home, even if it is a laundry vent and check under your sinks for openings as well. You would be surprised at the small holes that rodents can get through. These tips should keep your home rodent free once the pest control professionals have eliminated the initial infestation.