Tips for Reclaiming Unused Space with Home Remodeling in Indianapolis

One of the absolute best ways to add more room to a home is by better utilizing the space that is already there. When considering a Home Remodeling in Indianapolis project, think about focusing efforts on the garage, attic or basement. All of these locations in the home offer cost-effective opportunities to greatly extend the living space in any home.

Basement Remodeling

The majority of basements are dark areas where seasonal decorations, old toys, and other items are stored away. This presents the ideal Home Remodeling in Indianapolis project to begin reclaiming unused space. The first thing to do is to consider what the basement environment automatically lends itself to. If a homeowner is able to think creatively, they can turn all the negative aspects of this space into positives. For example, the minimal light would be a negative for many rooms. However, converting the basement into a dark room or home theater would make the darkness a positive.

Garage Remodeling

There are quite a few people who find that their garage offers the ideal environment for a workshop, studio space or home office. Quite a few garages are attached to or extremely close to the actual home, which means that they can easily be fitted with the same comforts, such as plumbing, phone wiring and heating and cooling.

Transforming the garage doesn’t mean that the storage space has to be sacrificed. Many homeowners have made their garages multifunctional, leaving space for vehicles, home offices, workshops, and storage.

Attic Remodeling

The large open space in the attic can be used for a number of different purposes. Consider converting this space into a guest apartment, children’s play area or a home office. Attics are not typically retrofitted for day to day living, which means a homeowner will have to ensure they add insulation and cooling and heating factors to the space.

Taking time to think about where there is unused space in a home will help revitalize and add to the square footage of a home. In many cases, it can be beneficial to consult with the professionals. The team at Amos Exteriors Inc can help any home remodeling product be successful.

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