Tips For Novice Vapers From a Vapor Store

Vaping is an alternative to traditional smoking that has already taken the country by storm. It is true that while vaping can be an enjoyable pastime, there are some things a new user should be aware of. Here are a few tips for the novice vape user from a Vapor Store.

  • Make sure to disassemble the vaporizer on a nightly basis. This may seem like a chore and easier to just leave as is, but disassembling is for the benefit of the vaping device. There may be instances when the vaping machine leaks e-liquid. This can turn out to be much more than just a simple cleanup as the e-liquid can destroy the device if the liquid touches the button or battery.
  • Not all e-liquids are compatible with every vaporizer out there. If the two are incompatible, it can lead to cracking of the vaporizer, especially if it is made from plastic. Be especially wary of the menthol and cinnamon flavors as they are notorious for this behavior. Most stores will alert the customer if the juice is not meant to be used with their particular vaping device, but there are always less-than-honest stores that simply do not care. If the newbie vape user is unsure, there are plenty of vaping Facebook groups that would be more than happy to answer any questions posed.
  • Buying the juice for the vaporizer from a Vapor Store is not really a “set it and forget it” experience. The juice needs to be properly cared for too. Always shake the liquid before each use to ensure the proper mix of PG/VG and nicotine. Do not leave the liquid uncapped for longer than 30 minutes to avoid unnecessary flavor loss. It is also not good to leave the juice in direct sunlight, as this can lessen the strength of the nicotine.

When first delving into the world of vaping, try to buy from a reputable supplier such as. Patronizing stores run by people who actually vape themselves leads to a better experience than buying from people who know nothing about the products they sell and how they work.

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