Tips for Mosqutio Pest Control in St. Paul

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Pest Contro

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When the rains begin, you can be sure that the mosquitoes will start finding a way to get into your home, and make your life miserable. Mosquitoes carry many different diseases, some that are fatal, so you can’t just let the problem go. Of course, the logical solution is to get rid of them on the outside by calling in a professional Pest Control in St. Paul company to take care of the problem for you. There are a few simple steps that you can follow to help you get rid of those pesky mosquitoes on the inside of your home while you are waiting on the Pest Control in St. Paul professionals to rid you of your problem on the outside.

The first thing you need to do is secure your home. Check water faucets on the outside of your home to see if they are on or leaking. Make sure that there are no holes, gaps or tears in your window screens, and empty all standing water from tire swings, buckets, or pails that are sitting outside. Of course, you will still want to have the Pest Control in St. Paul professionals spray the outside of your home.

Next, you need to check for water vapors. You can find out where these spots are by the mold-like spoors in corners or on window frames. The mosquitoes love to gather where it is nice and damp, so getting rid of these areas will solve half of your problem.

You should keep anything that has a high sugar content sealed. Grapes, oranges, sodas, and other sweet things attract not only mosquitoes but gnats as well. You also need to avoid spraying sweet smelling air fresheners or cleaning with sweet liquids. It’s best to use lemon scented things to freshen your home, as they don’t attract mosquitoes.

Ridding your home of mosquitoes isn’t as hard as it might seem. Follow the simple steps above to ensure that what is on the outside of your home stays on the outside until the mosquito relief from a company providing Pest Control in St. Paul can get there to spray the outside for you.

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