Tips For Making Visits to Your Kids Dentist in Charleston Less Frightening

Many children fear the dentist, which can stem from many sources. Parents can help their children overcome their fear of the dentist by following these basic tips to make visits to their kids dentist in Charleston less frightening.


In many cases, children simply need some reassurance from their parents to help them overcome their fears, especially when they are irrational fears. It’s often best to encourage them by telling them how brave they can be and what a big kid they are when they go to the dentist. You can also encourage with your own support and kind demeanor during the visit.

Talk About Their Fears

Having a fear of a kids dentist in Charleston is normal. Many children go through it and most of them are able to overcome it with the help of their parents. Often, these fears stem from not knowing what to expect. When you talk to your child about why they are afraid and allow them to ask questions, they will feel validated and you may be able to alleviate some or all of their fears by answering a few questions.

Use Rewards

For some children, a rewards system can be an excellent motivator to help encourage them to do what needs to be done. While some rewards like candy may not be beneficial for good oral health, there are plenty of other options. Think about what your child enjoys and doesn’t indulge in often. You may have the perfect opportunity to reward them for a much-needed trip to the kids dentist in Charleston.

To learn more about making it easier for your child to lose their fear of the kids dentist in Charleston, contact Charleston Smiles today.