Tips For Lowering Your Auto Insurance In Cromwell, CT

by | Aug 11, 2014 | Insurance

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With the price of almost everything on the rise, many people have found themselves looking for ways to lower their bills. One bill that a lot of people have been able to decrease is their auto insurance in Cromwell, CT. If you’ve been thinking about ways to lower your auto insurance, there’s a few tips that may be helpful to you such as combining multiple insurance policies together. Many people have seen a huge savings by combining their home and auto insurance policies together. If it’s possible, another way to save on your auto insurance is by paying it every six months or yearly. Most insurance companies charge you a fee to pay your insurance monthly.

Another way to save on your auto insurance in Cromwell, CT is to increase your deductible. Most people have a $500 deductible that they have to pay before their insurance company cover damages. If you increase your deductible to $1,000 you could see your insurance decrease by up to thirty percent. Of course, if you think that you will have a difficult time getting $1,000 if you’re involved in an accident, this many not be the best option for you. Many people are also able to lower their auto insurance rates by decreasing the amount of coverage that they have on older vehicles. If your vehicle is paid for, getting rid of comprehensive and collision insurance will cut your insurance cost in half.

If you’ve been thinking about buying another vehicle, it may be a good idea to get an insurance quote from Rice, Davis, Daley and Krenz Inc. before making your purchase. Most insurance companies can also tell you which types of vehicles that may increase or decrease your insurance cost. It’s also a good idea to get insurance quotes from more than one insurance company before getting a policy. When getting an auto insurance quote be sure to ask about discounts that may apply to you such as low mileage discounts, which are great for people who only drive car short distances or car pool. If you’re over 55 and haven’t been involved in any auto accidentally recently, you may also qualify for reduced auto insurance rates. Don’t be afraid to ask your insurance agent about additional ways to decrease your auto insurance. They may be able to recommend changes to your current policy that could also decrease your insurance rates even more.