Tips For Hiring The Best Residential Roofing Company in Philadelphia

When a person needs to have their roof replaced or repaired, it’s in their best interest to contact an expert in Residential Roofing Philadelphia. The sooner the problem is repaired, the safer the structure of the home and the personal belonging inside will be. A homeowner can do a simple internet search to find a professional roofer in their area, and they could get several results. In order to choose the best roofer, there are several questions the homeowner should ask.

Is the Roofer Licensed?

The first question a homeowner should ask is if the roofer is licensed. Some states require a roofer to be licensed to work; however, some don’t. There are certain codes and regulations that must be followed when it comes to roof repairs and replacements. A licensed roofer will be well versed in all rules and regulations.

Does the Roofer Have Insurance?

It is important that the homeowner hire a roofer who has full insurance coverage. If the home is damaged or if someone is injured while doing the job, the roofing company’s insurance will cover the damages and injuries. Additionally, don’t just take his word for it. Ask for proof.

Will the Company Offer a Warranty on the Roof?

It is a good idea that the homeowner hires a company who will offer a warranty on the work that they provide or on the roof. Depending on the material being used, most reputable roofing companies will offer a warranty of at least 25 years. If the company is unwilling to do so, the homeowner should find a different company.

How Long Has the Roofer Been in Business?

If the company has only been in business for a short period of time, and the owner has only been in the roofing business for a year or two, the homeowner should find another roofing company.
Will the Company Provide a Written Contract?

The contract should include the cost of the project, and how the installments would be paid. Also, the time line and deadlines for the project should be included. If the company is not willing to sign a contract, the homeowner should hire someone who will.

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