Tips for Hiring General Contractors in Tampa, FL

General Contractors in Tampa FL take on many types of jobs. When the time comes to choose a contractor for a major project, individuals need to determine which type of contractor best meets their need. For example, a general contractor who normally takes on kitchen remodeling projects may not be the best person to build a shed in the backyard. Although they have the skills to do so, they lack practical experience in this specific task. How should a person go about choosing someone to take on their special job?

Turn to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry for recommendations. The local building inspector may also be of assistance, as they work with General Contractors in Tampa FL on a daily basis and know who regularly meets or exceeds code requirements. Another good source of information is the local lumberyard, They also work with contractors regularly and understand who pays bills in a timely manner and who purchases high quality materials.

Interview contractors over the phone to narrow the possible choices. When doing so, determine if they handle projects like the one to be undertaken and how frequently they do so. Financial references should be requested during the selection process and the same is true of names of past clients. Be sure to find out how many projects they will have going on during your project, to ensure they will be able to complete the work on schedule. Finally, learn about their subcontractors, how long they have worked with them and when they last checked their insurance and licenses. Next, face to face meetings should be scheduled with those contractors remaining on the list.

Sit down with the contractor during this meeting to learn more about what they have to offer and to explain the scope of the proposed project. This meeting gives both parties the opportunity to see if they will work together. This is of great importance, especially for those projects that will take some time to complete.

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