Tips for Finding The Perfect Vape Juice

As vaping becomes more popular, the range of products available has become almost overwhelming. Most people are looking for fun new flavors to try because the vape juice is why we vape. It’s possible to get by with just one or two flavors but ideally you would have a lot of different flavors so that you can choose whatever vape juice suits your mood.

1. Try something new. Vape juice is your chance to be adventurous, try something you have never seen or heard of before. Companies are always coming up with new flavor concepts to stretch your palate. Some are based on natural or fruit flavors like dragon fruit or pomegranate, others have different menthol or mint flavor profiles, and some are more unique like Horchata flavor.

2. Go with what’s popular or trending in vape juice. Especially when you are new to vaping, it helps to try what is popular because there is a reason why popular products sell so well year after year. Some popular flavors are desserts like banana cream pie, butterscotch, and cinnamon roll, but cereal flavors are popular too like Cinnetoast and fruity hoops.

3. Try a new brand. A lot of different companies make vape juice and it’s fun to try different ones to see which you prefer. Black Beard’s Brew, Photonic, and of course, Mt. Baker are some of the most popular and known brands.

4. Have a diverse collection of juice. The more the merrier. The best option for vape juice is to have different flavors because if you’re in the mood for mint but all you have is French toast, you will wish you had bought more flavors.

5. Share with friends. Finding the perfect vape juice is often about word of mouth and sharing with friends, turning people onto your favorite flavor and spreading the word about new vape juice.

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