Tips For finding Custom Plastic Extrusion Services

While the general principles and theory behind all types of extrusion are the same, there are significant differences in providing extrusion services for plastics or for metals and alloys.

Plastics can be extruded into very complex shapes, including the development of unique tubing profiles that may be required by Original Equipment Manufacturers for specialized types of fabrication and manufacturing requirements. These original designs in custom plastic extrusion are ideal for making specialized parts and components that are durable, rugged and that are low cost to produce.

Where to Find Services

The internet is a good place to start looking for specialized companies that offer custom plastic extrusion. Some companies will work with a variety of metals, alloys, and plastics while others specialize. It is important to select a company with extensive experience in plastic extrusion as it does have to be done precisely and with an understanding of the plastic and the technique to produce quality parts.

Remember, shipping and logistics with experienced companies is not a big factor when using plastics. This is a lightweight material when compared to alloys, so proximity to the manufacturing center for the product is not as critical.

What to Know

It is not an overstatement to stress that expertise and experience with custom plastic extrusion is the primary factor to look for with any manufacturer. This is true if you are looking for a single, small volume production order or if you want a company to work as a long-term contract manufacturer.

Ideally, choose from companies that are ISO 9001 registered for general parts and equipment. Specialized medical products should be produced by companies with ISO 13485 certification. Military and defense companies will need to check for the ITAR standard. This information is usually displayed on the website, which makes it easy to verify services, experience in the business as well as certifications and standards.

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