Tips For EMI Suppression In New Designs

EMI or electromagnetic interference may also be called RFI if it is in the correct spectrum, the radio frequency spectrum and it is a very important issue in the design and development of electronic equipment and prototypes.

The need for EMI suppression to correct this disturbance within an electronic component is essential to allow the circuit and device to function correctly. In the best case scenario EMI can result in poor data transmission or poor quality sound or picture, but in worse case scenarios it can actually prevent the device from working at all.

Within both small and large devices such as cell phone components, vehicle electronic systems and even computers and televisions, the use of EMI suppression methods is critical. These methods not only restrict or suppress EMI that may be created internally within the device, but also protects from external sources of EMI.

Integrated Circuits

Within all types of integrated circuits, attention to the choice of design and components used in the system will be critical to ensure the correct level of EMI suppression to prevent any impact on the device. There are several options to consider which can include the use of capacitors on active devices as well as the use of resistors.

There is also the option to consider shielding of the components, but this adds both cost as well as design complexity to the system. It is also a factor in actual production speed per unit and it is therefore usually only considered if suppression is not effective with the use of capacitors and resistors.

With the various filtering options, there is also the option to just add a small filter insert or a more costly filter connector. These are both common options with the filter insert just in front of the device connector the lowest possible cost.

Custom Options

When there are specific mounting and space requirements in the design or the prototype, there are specialized types of filters available as well. These can include a variety of different filter modules that may or may not also provide voltage protection. These modules can typically work with the current layout and circuit design, which saves having to go back to the design stage and create a new layout.

As a general guideline, be sure to consider EMI noise suppression when designing the integrated circuit and the layout or design of the device. Through testing and design verification at each step, EMI noise can be effectively filtered and managed.

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