Tips For Designing Custom Lanyards

If you are hosting a conference, sponsoring an event or simply trying to ensure that all employees have their identification clearly visible, you need to consider the value of custom lanyards. These lanyards can be ordered with a variety of different features that make them stand out, look truly unique and also send a message that will last through years of use.

When you have the option to decide which lanyard is the best and how to design it, there are some considerations that you should keep in mind. By taking these aspects into consider you will get just the look and style that you want.


There are several different materials that are a perfect option for custom lanyards. Nylon and polyester and always popular options and they are ideal for printing and will hold their color and quality even with daily wear and use. Woven lanyards are a very popular option if you want to give a classic look. They are actually made of polyester but they are textured and have that stitched look.


Custom lanyards that are wider allow for larger text and logos on the lanyard itself that still look balanced and proportioned. The typical widths range from half an inch to up to one inch. This will vary based on the type of material that you select.


Most lanyards are available in a good range of colors from the vibrant jewel tones to pastels and even the more neutral colors such as black, white and brown. The background color and the text or logo color should create a good contrast to really bring the logo to the forefront. It is never a good idea to use very colors that offer little contrast as the text and logo seems to fade into the background of the lanyard.

Clasp Style

You should also carefully consider the type of clasp for the bottom of the lanyard. J-hooks, lobster claw and bulldog clips offer easy on and off for badges or badge holders. On the other hand the buckle release and key rings provide a very secure way to attach to the lanyard.

Quality custom lanyards are great to highlight your business, organization or company. Websites that allow you to fully design your own lanyards are a simple way to get started on providing advertising for your company that is practical and effective.

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