Tips for Deciding Whether to Hire a Licensed Electrician for Lighting Installation in Indianapolis

Watching home improvement TV shows has a lot of homeowners thinking the tasks portrayed on those programs are easy as pie. Unfortunately, though, for those without adequate experience, this simply isn’t true. It’s essential to give adequate thought to what, exactly, a project such as lighting installation in Indianapolis will entail prior to attempting to tackle it without the help of a licensed electrician.

Adequate Understanding of Electrical Wiring

Those who are considering installing new fixtures at home should ask themselves first whether they have a sufficiently comprehensive knowledge of electrical wiring and connections to safely work on them. Most of the time, the answer is a resounding “no.” Installing lighting fixtures often requires switching out or rerouting cables, which adds even more complexity to an already quite complicated process, so anyone without extensive experience should probably hire a professional.

Adequate Tools

There’s no getting around the fact that installing new lighting fixtures requires access to certain tools. Wire strippers are required to prepare the fixtures, voltage testers are an absolute must to confirm that no power is running through the wires, and a power drill can go a long way toward simplifying the process of mounting new fixtures. However, if the lighting fixture will be located on a wall or a ceiling where no fixture currently exists, homeowners will likely also need saws, stud finders, and other specialized equipment, so it might be cheaper to simply hire an electrician who has access to all of these tools and knows how to use them safely.

Presence of Visible Damage or Wear

If the new fixture is installed to replace an aging fixture, homeowners should check the wires for signs of wear and tear. If the wires are worn or damaged, working with them without adequate experience, tools, and knowledge can be dangerous. A licensed electrician should always be hired to evaluate any damaged wiring.

Get Help Now

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