Tips for Creating a Well-Integrated Landscape Design in Fairfield, Connecticut

Many homes in Connecticut feature manicured lawns, but for homeowners interested in making the best possible use of their outdoor spaces, maintaining a green lawn just isn’t enough. The difference between a boring lawn and a beautiful and well-integrated outdoor living space is primarily a matter of choosing the right Landscape Design in Fairfield Connecticut. Any homeowner looking to take a proactive approach toward making better use of their yard space can read on to find a few helpful tips regarding landscape design.

Start Brainstorming Early

The best time to start brainstorming for a new landscape isn’t spring or summer when most of the work will need to be done, but winter. Devoting some time to making a list of wants and needs before all of those plants can be put into the ground can help to ensure the design eventually was chosen is perfectly tailored to the individual homeowner’s or family’s unique desires. Consider elements like trees, gardens, terraces, and patios and do some background research by looking at pictures and garden designs.

Choose Climate-Appropriate Plants

While tropical plants may form a beautiful complement to landscapes further south, they’re just not appropriate for Connecticut’s climate. Make sure to keep climate limitations in mind when considering landscape design. This doesn’t just apply to the general climate zone, but also to micro-climates around the home. These are often strongly impacted by sun and wind patterns and the proximity of heated structures.

Think Long-Term

Many landscaping features, such as trees and shrubs, require at least a few years to really come into their own. That’s why it’s essential that property owners keep their long-term goals in mind even as they are planning for the upcoming year.

Get Some Professional Help

While property owners themselves can brainstorm about what they want to accomplish with their yards, it’s best to leave the final stages of Landscape Design in Fairfield Connecticut to dedicated professionals who understand the area’s climate and what limitations it places on plants and landscaping features.

Companies like Northeast Horticultural Services are willing to work directly with property owners to ensure all of their unique needs are met and allow them to play as active or as passive a role as they want in coming up with the final design. Click Here for additional information to get started planning for the upcoming season today.

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