Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Gown in Hawaii

For the bride deciding on the perfect wedding dress is probably the most exciting part of the entire wedding. There are so many gorgeous styles, colors, and designs to choose from that it’s almost impossible to choose just one. Choosing a wedding dress is a difficult decision, one that can be made even more difficult if you are getting married on a beach in Hawaii. Below you will find some tips on how to choose the perfect Wedding Gowns in Hawaii to go well with the sandy shores of a beach wedding.

While white satin and velvet are gorgeous when it comes to wedding gowns, the beaches in Hawaii can be warm, so this heavy material isn’t optimum for a wedding there. You want to choose a lightweight material that will not wrinkle easily, after all you will be wearing this dress all day long. Tulle and crepe are great materials for wedding gowns in Hawaii.

You can choose any length of wedding gown that you want of course, but if you are getting married on the beach of one of the islands, you need to choose a gown that want drag in the sand and surf. Wedding dresses are too expensive to ruin, and after all you want to keep this dress to hand down to your own daughter one day. Knee length and tea style wedding dresses are popular for Hawaiian beach weddings and they look modern as well.

Make sure that you wear a good suntan lotion if you choose spaghetti straps or strapless for your wedding. You truly do not want to look like a lobster on your honeymoon and everyone knows that the sun can be brutal and doesn’t play favorites. Bride or no bride if you don’t wear a good lotion, you will get burned.

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