Tips for Choosing the Perfect Window Treatments in Stamford

Window treatments are an easy way to change the look of a home. With so many materials and colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless. If you are planning on getting new window treatments for your home, these tips can be helpful. Through Window Treatments in Stamford, your home can look more beautiful than you ever dreamed was possible.

  • The latest trends in design options have led to minimal window coverings. The days of thick draperies with expansive and bold fabrics are over. Many homeowners are making use of fabric shades or using fabric-covered cornices.
  • Light is key to making a home feel warm and inviting. Window treatments that allow light to come in can completely transform a space and make it feel like less of a dungeon. One option for privacy with the right level of lighting is pleated window shades. These prevent people from seeing in while allowing plenty of light to filter through and soften the look of the home.
  • Color is key when decorating a home. This is especially true for Window Treatments in Stamford. The latest trends in color choices offer a range in different options. Terracotta, beautiful greens and black with gold accents are all popular choices. Though these colors are popular, that does not mean homeowners are stuck with a limited pallet.
  • Texture is another avenue that can be used to dress up windows. Many designers are now incorporating natural fibers into their window treatments. Rattan and bamboo are but a couple of the choices that can make a window covering beautiful. Shades made with these natural fibers allow the beauty of nature to be brought inside.
  • One of the difficulties of choosing window treatments is trying to find one that allows the right level of light in the kitchen area. This is not an area where you want to much sunlight since it can cause a hot environment while cooking. Wood shades can allow just enough light for the right kitchen environment. Visit the website for more details.

If you are a homeowner that is searching for Window Treatments in Stamford, allow Dominics Decorating to help. They can help you design the perfect window treatments for your home so they compliment your space.

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