Tips For Choosing Hydraulic Trailers For Road Hauling

There are two very different types of trailers that use hydraulics and are also used for moving small to large sized watercraft. One is a hydraulic yard trailer, which is designed for moving boats around a marina or boatyard and the other is a hydraulic road trailer.

Both of these types of hydraulic trailers have some similarities, but they are also very different. It is possible to use a road trailer to move a boat any distance, but a yard trailer is only designed for use in the yard, even if it towable.

What to Consider

It is essential to choose the correct hydraulic trailers for the size and weight of your boat. Many people mistakenly believe that buying a trailer that is larger than they need can provide them the option to continue use the same trailer should they choose to upgrade or upsize their boat in a few years.

For those new to boating and specifically for hauling a boat down a highway at 65 or 70 miles per hour, choosing a trailer that is too large for the boat is going to result in a greater risk of the boat shifting or moving on the trailer. Additionally, if the boat is too far back on the trailer the weight will not be positioned correctly for the hitch and this will cause the trailer to sway more going down the road. Braking suddenly can also result in the boat sliding forward and causing damage.

New or Used

One option to consider if cost is a factor is to choose from quality used hydraulic trailers rather than shopping new. It will be important to buy from a reputable dealer and to also purchase a brand name you recognize.

There are some used trailers on the market that are poorly repaired or maintained. While these trailers may be cheap, they are also a risky purchase. New owners may find the cost of repairing brakes, replacing hydraulic lines or getting the trailer into safe and roadworthy condition is more than simply purchasing quality used or new trailer.

Buying a new trailer also has advantages. You will have the warranty to consider, but also you can choose the style and size of trailer that is just right for your boat. As your boat is an investment, getting the best hydraulic trailer is a way to protect your investment every time you are out on the road.

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