Tips for Choosing Eye Glasses New York NY

Not everyone is born with perfect 20/20 vision. Many people require vision correction in the form of prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. Since not all people can cope with the idea of putting something on their eyeball, glasses are a good solution for them. The following will discuss a few of the options in Eye Glasses New York NY has to offer and how to choose a pair suited to your needs.

Frame Materials

One of the things to consider when choosing eyeglasses involve the material used in the construction of the frames. Here is a basic overview of these materials.

Plastic – All forms of plastic eyeglass frames provide extensive solutions in colors and are a low-cost solution.

Acetate – Acetate frames are known to be lighter in weight while also being more durable than regular plastic frames. Acetate is a form of plastic therefore you get to enjoy all the benefits of plastic in a lightweight and durable frame. This material is also hypoallergenic.

Metal – Metal frames can include a vast range of metals and alloys. Depending on how your skin reacts to metals, choosing metal frames may be a trial and error process. Most metal frames today provide the hypoallergenic plating to prevent such problems.
Frames According to Gender

Technically, anyone of any gender can wear whatever frames they want on their eyeglasses. There are only a few differences as described below.

Male – Most frames that are designed for men are masculine looking. Aviator frames are popular with men. These frames are also commonly bigger, bolder, and tougher than other types of frames.

Female – Female eyeglass frames are designed to look feminine. They are also commonly lighter weight and more colorful. Some frames designed for females will feature fun patterns and decorative elements beyond what male frames will provide.

Unisex – Unisex frames combine the female and male elements in their design and provide a few different styles from which to choose.

If you have children, you will also want to consider looking at frames for kids since they come in a wide range of colors, designs, characters, and sizes. Also consider your job and lifestyle to ensure you choose frames that suit those aspects of your life. Eyeglass frames should be comfortable, fit well, and look good on you.