Tips for Choosing an Oral Surgery Practice in Short Hills, NJ

Oral surgeons provide a variety of valuable services ranging from fixing broken jaws to the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. It’s important for patients to work with an oral surgeon who is highly skilled and trustworthy, though. Read on to find some tips for choosing an Oral Surgery Practice in Short Hills, NJ before starting the search.

Ask About Insurance

Patients should make sure the practice accepts their insurance. They can do this by checking the practice’s website, calling their insurance companies, or asking the receptionist. The receptionist should be more than happy to provide information about what insurance policies the practice accepts and whether they offer healthcare financing for those who do not have dental coverage.

Know What Kind of Experience the Surgeons Have

Some oral surgeons specialize in performing certain types of procedures. Most oral surgeons can handle wisdom tooth extractions and implant placements, but patients struggling with TMJ or sleep apnea may have a harder time finding a surgeon. Patients can find out whether an Oral Surgery Practice in Short Hills, NJ has a surgeon on staff who can handle the more complex procedures required to correct these less common problems by checking its website.

Ask About Anesthesia Options

Some oral surgeries, such as wisdom tooth extractions and implant placements, can be performed under local anesthesia. Others require general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Patients should ask about their options in advance, especially if they struggle with dental anxiety, as there might be oral or intravenous sedatives that will help even if they don’t need general anesthesia.

Find Out About Reputation

Finding out about a surgeon or a surgical practice’s reputation is easy today. Check out the practice’s website and Facebook page, read a few online reviews on third-party sites, and ask if friends or family members have prior experience with the practice.

The Bottom Line

Most oral surgeries are quite common and straightforward, but those who need less-common procedures, like sleep appliance insertion or TMJ surgery, need to be careful to find a surgeon with plenty of experience in these areas. Westfield Oral Surgery is the best place to get started.

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