Tips For Choosing An Audit Service In Phoenix

While there are very few businesses or business owners that look forward to hiring an audit service in Phoenix, there are a lot of very good reasons to have a full audit completed every year. An annual audit is a great way to take a fresh look, from someone outside of the company, as to how your business is performing and how effective financial management and financial planning actually is.

By using an audit service in Phoenix on an annual basis you are never going to go too far outside of your budget or outside of your long or short term goals. This means, in the long run, your annual audit may actually ensure your business success.

Professional Services

It is critical to ensure that the audit service in Phoenix that you hire employs professionals with experience, skills and training in auditing practices. In some cases if you work with a professional audit service in Phoenix you may only want to have a full audit every other year and then complete a financial review in the off years. This is more like an annual check-up every other year, ensuring that the management team is still on track and that goals are being met in all financial areas of the business.

A top audit service in Phoenix will be highly trained in audits and should be a member of the Audit Quality Center of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. In addition many of the best firms also become to the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Control Center and also routinely undergo peer reviews with published results.


If you hire a firm providing an audit service in Phoenix you will have the advantage to have specialized professionals on the audit. This includes CPAs that are trained to work with non-profits, religious organizations, associations and groups as well as specialized areas of industry.

One of the best ways to choose an audit service in Phoenix is to ask for referrals from professionals that you network with, your accountant and even business attorneys. Not every accounting firm provides audit service in Phoenix, but it is extremely helpful for businesses of all sizes.

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