Tips For Choosing An Astaxanthin Supplement

There are a number of different Astaxanthin supplement options on the market. However, not all are the same, and taking a low-quality supplement will not provide the visible results you can expect with quality natural Astaxanthin products. Additionally, taking krill oil, which is often marketed as containing Astaxanthin, is only providing a small fraction of the dosage required to show the many benefits offered by the supplement.

Buy From a Canadian Manufacturer

One of the best places for people to purchase a quality Astaxanthin supplement is from a manufacturer in Toronto. The benefit of buying from these Canadian companies is the regulation and licensing of supplements by Health Canada, which ensures manufacturers provide evidence to support their formulations.

Canada is one of the few countries that produce natural Astaxanthin. This is another reason to purchase from specialized supplement manufacturers in the Toronto area.

Check the Astaxanthin is Natural

A critical factor to check is the type of Astaxanthin in the Astaxanthin supplement. Over 95% of all Astaxanthin used in supplements is synthetic. This means it is a manufactured product and not naturally occurring. The synthetic Astaxanthin has a different molecular structure and profile and does not produce the same results at the cellular level.

A good guideline is to look for the NAXA or Natural Algae Astaxanthin Association seal on the product.

Dedicated Manufacturer

The manufacturer of the Astaxanthin supplement must correctly select, cultivate, and extract the Astaxanthin from the Haematococcus pluvialis. Buying a supplement from a supplier of algae products is the best option, ensuring the quality is maintained throughout the growth of the microalgae through to the formulation of the final product.

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