Tips for Choosing a Home Cleaning Service in Long Island

Hiring someone to help clean the house can be a lifesaver, leaving more time for other important tasks. However, it’s important to hire a good Home Cleaning Service in Long Island. Taking a few simple steps can make this process easier.

Ask for Recommendations

It’s always a good idea to ask friends and family members for recommendations before trying a Home Cleaning Service in Long Island. This may make it easier to narrow down the search to the best of the options and weed out any that don’t do a really good job. Checking with the Better Business Bureau is another good way to weed out less than reputable cleaning services.

Do a Test Run

Before signing up for any extended term of service, have the cleaning service come once or twice as a test run. You can stay and watch if this makes you more comfortable. Check to see that they’ve done the agreed upon tasks and that they’ve performed in a way that meets your standards. Look into corners and more out of the way places to make sure that they’ve been properly cleaned. If some knickknacks and smaller items have been moved, it shows that the company most likely did a more thorough job dusting instead of taking short cuts.

Ask About Cleaning Methods

Those customers that have issues with certain cleaning products should ask each company about their cleaning methods and products. For example, people that can’t deal with strong chemical smells or want more natural cleaners may not be able to go with the cheapest company, as these companies tend to be less likely to pay extra for natural cleaners or do the extra labor it sometimes takes to clean with products like lemon or vinegar. Those that don’t have a lot of cleaning supplies in the home will likewise want to go with a larger company that brings in all their own supplies rather than a cleaner that uses the vacuum, mop, broom and other supplies that are already in the home itself. This is also a good time make sure it’s clear exactly what is included in the price quoted and what services will cost extra or not be offered at all.

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