Tips For Choosing A 24 Hour Delivery Service

If you own a business in Southern California, you know the challenges of trying to get small packages and envelopes delivered on time. For many businesses, including lawyers’ offices, financial institutes and corporate offices, finding the best 24 hour delivery service will be important for early morning through to late evening scheduling.

Most of the larger national or international delivery services offer extended business hours. This typically means in the larger cities and in specific offices, these delivery services may be open until as late as 9:00 pm, but they are not always open.

Smaller, more local couriers and delivery services offer complete 24 hour service. This means that you can call and schedule a delivery or a pick-up around the clock. You will also receive an answer from a live person, no leaving messages and hoping you hear back.

The reason that many of the smaller couriers offer a 24 hour delivery service is that they understand that not all business is a 9 to 5 job. Some companies work around the clock and not all documents are prepared during regular office hours. To find the right company to meet these needs, be sure to consider the following important factors.

Specialized and Personalized Services

Some courier and delivery services expect that customers will accommodate their schedules. Other companies will work with their customer’s schedules, providing the services needed at the times they are required.

For any business doing business outside of the 9 to 5 standard business day, working with a company that can accommodate your business hours will be important.

The Professionalism

The courier is not your employee and is not representing your business. However, if the courier is unprofessional or creates a difficult situation for the company receiving the package or envelope, that can spill over to your business reputation.

Take the time to ask about the delivery professionals. Will they be wearing uniforms? Do you background check your employees? How will they interact with my clients if there is a problem?

The Reliability Factor

It is important for a 24 hour delivery service to actually be available 24 hours. Just leaving a voicemail to schedule a pickup is not providing a true 24-hour service. Talk to the company and make sure there really are live people manning the phones and able to arrange for services during your business hours.

Reliability, the speed of delivery and the professionalism you expect will all be essential considerations when choosing your service. Don’t forget to also consider the cost of the service and compare it only to those companies offering the same value-added options.

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