Tips For Buying The Correct Round U Bolts

While the term round U bolts may initially seem a bit confusing, these are actually very common types of fasteners used in fabrication, manufacturing and specialty types of projects and jobs.

The round term refers to the shape of the top of the U bolt. This allows this particular shape of U bolt to be used for holding pipe, conduit, tubing and rod in place securely and with a smooth and streamlined look. They are ideal for fastening any round shape to a wall, stud or other type of surface. As they are so widely used, they come in a full range of different sizes, metals and options.

When planning to purchase round U bolts either in bulk and large volume orders or for smaller projects, getting the right size and type will be important. There are several simple ways you can use to make sure the right bolts for the job arrive with your order.

Standard Sizes

For use with standard pipe sizes, including wrought iron pipe, round steel tubing or conduit, standard sizes of U bolts are most likely all that is needed. These will be designated by the diameter, which is the diameter of the bolt itself, or the thread ends of the bolt. There are different threads available with 20 thread being one of the most common in the standard sized bolts.

The width is the space between the two legs of the bolt. The width will need to be equal to the diameter of the pipe that is to be held in place. The length of the bolt is the distance from the bottom of the threaded legs to the highest point of the round top.

Custom Bolts

When ordering custom types of round U bolts, there are several different factors to consider. The measurements of diameter, width and length will be made to order. The order will indicate the type of metal which includes the grade or the specific alloy. Most will be stainless steel but it is possible to have special alloys and different metals used for different applications.

The threading on the bolts can also be customized. This allows for right-hand thread, cut or roll thread or UNC or UNF options. The bolt itself can be left in the original metal or alloy or it can be finished to add protection and corrosion resistance for use in specialized types of applications.

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