Tips for buying protective footwear

As safe as you may think you are, accidents can and do happen. Wearing safety gear on a job site is mandatory, there are some sites that expect either more or less in the way of safely clothing but in general, all industrial and construction work sites will expect you to protect your feet by wearing Hytest steel toe shoes or boots. As you will be wearing your work boots for many hours each working day and you want to maintain them in good condition for a long time, it is important that you select the boots based on the job conditions and comfort.

Work boots that are not correct for the conditions can quickly result in injury and problems with your feet. If your boots do not fit correctly; you can expect calluses, corns, bunions and other problems. These types of problems can be eliminated to the greatest extent by making sure the boots fit properly. The following are a few tips that will make boot selection easier:

Safety first: Regardless of what you are told, work boots are designed for and selected for safety. It is important that you are intimate with the possible hazards of your working environment. Hytest steel toe boots, boots with metatarsal guards, soles which are non-slip and resistant to puncture are all considerations. The hazards can be falling objects, chemicals, electrical exposure, sharp metals, etc. Choose the boots for the environment in which you work.

The soles: The soles of your work shoes are important. The types of soles that you select will be dependent on the area in which you work, the soles can be designed to be slip resistant, heat resistant as well as resistant to puncture and electrical shock.

Moisture: The best work boots are leather with a moisture wicking liner that help to keep your feet dry. Moisture comes from both external sources and perspiration, both of which can be the cause of painful blisters.

Stability: Ensure that the shoes you buy have a wide base, this design will give increased stability when the job calls for working on uneven surfaces.

Cover the entire foot: Make sure the Hytest steel toe shoes completely cover your foot; high tops should lace up to within an inch of the full length of the lace row to ensure that your heel stays secure in the boot.

Although no work boot can provide 100 percent security, make sure you buy the best, do not hesitate to ask questions of your fellow workers or safety coordinator on site.

Hytest steel toe boots with or without external metatarsal support are lightweight and packed with safety features. Buy your pair today from Michigan Industrial Shoe.

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