Tips for Buying Antique Jewelry in Colorado Springs

Antique jewelry is popular for many reasons, but what looks like an antique piece is often a detailed reproduction. If a buyer loves older pieces, it’s important to know what to buy and what to look for. Here, buyers can get some tips on choosing antique jewelery in Colorado Springs.

Learn About the Seller

When buying pieces from a new seller, it’s important to check out the other things they have for sale. For instance, if a store has multiples of an antique piece, it’s safe to assume they’re not authentic. Most estate and antique pieces are unique, and bulk orders aren’t an option. It’s important to check their reviews and customer feedback to see what other buyers have to say. If a jeweler has experience with antique pieces, this information will tell a buyer what to expect in terms of customer service and overall satisfaction.

Ask Questions

Next, buyers should ask questions about the jewelry itself to determine whether it’s genuine. A good question to ask is how the seller obtained the piece. An honest, reputable seller can offer information as to a piece’s origins and condition along with general facts on when and where it was bought.

Check the Patina

This is a term dealers use to describe the sheen that comes after years of wear. While a jeweler may have a piece restored, most antique jewelery in Colorado Springs is sold as-is to avoid damaging the metal and gemstones. Pieces should show wear. Dents, tarnish and a diminished shine are all signs that a piece is authentic.

Evaluate the Price

Prospective buyers should know that if a price seems too good to be true, it likely is. Real antique or estate jewelry is made for heritage and longevity, so it won’t sell for a few dollars online. Compare the price to the metal, stones, and overall quality of the piece before making a buying decision.

Whether the buyer plans to resell a piece or wants it for its history and sentimental value, they should buy antique jewelry from a reputable dealer such as David A Zallar Diamond Imports. By checking pieces thoroughly, buyers will learn how to tell the real from the reproduction-;and they’ll get a good deal on jewelry with meaning.