Tips For Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh

It may be hard to believe, but most of the 50 species of bumble bees that live in North America are quickly going extinct. Bumble bees only sting if threatened and do not go out to purposely attack anyone. However, there are many instances when bumble bees are too annoying or dangerous to have on your property. Here are some tips from The-Beeman on how to keep bumble bees away.

Remove Potential Nesting Sites

Bumble bees tend to make nests in wooden structures. If you have an old log or hollowed-out tree on your property, remove them. These make ideal homes for bumble bees. Also, keep your lawn mowed, since very long grass or hay-like grass can attract them to make nests underground. Fill in any cracks in wood doorways, window frames, or walls where bees can sneak in. To see more places where bumble bees can make nests, check out

Keep Trash Covered

Trash and garbage attract not only bumble bees but many other pests like squirrels, birds, rats, and stray dogs. Place trash and garbage in covered containers that animals cannot knock open if they tip the can over or rip into. Never leave bags of garbage sitting out for pickup days before pickup is due, as this will attract wild animals and bees.

Keep Sweets Covered

Bumble bees are attracted to any sweet foods or beverages since they taste good. When eating outdoors, only drink water and keep all sweet foods covered. If there is a bumble bee around, eat inside.

What Are All Of These Dead Bumble Bees On My Property?

Is summer ending? Are the temperatures going down? Bumble bees have short life spans and normally die in the autumn. So a litter of dead bees in your yard does not mean you are being invaded. Contact Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh if you cannot identify the bee corpses on your property.

When A Nest Needs Removing

If you do happen to have a nest in a high traffic area of your home or business, such as a day care center or perhaps right where children and pets often play, then the nest needs removing. Do not try to do it yourself since this is a dangerous process. Call professional Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh removers today. Visit the website for more information.

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