Timeline of Common Personal Injury Lawsuits in Queens County, NY.

Many people contact a personal injury attorney in Queens County, NY. about a personal injury lawsuit without understanding how the process works. Understanding the time involved may help you plan for your future.

The first thing that you should do when you are injured is to seek good medical care. Even if you are not covered by insurance, head to the hospital if needed because most hospitals have some payment plan that can help you.

After you are on the road to recovery, even if it means a new lifestyle, then research personal injury attorneys in Queens County, NY. You have many different choices available, so decide which lawyer meets your needs the best. Make sure to consider their track record in court.

After you retain a lawyer, they will begin an accident report. They will look at the police records, conduct an in-depth interview with you, and interview witnesses.

Your insurance company is likely to approach you with a settlement offer. It is often wise to refuse this offer. The way that insurance works is that they take your money and invest it. When they have to pay out a claim they lose that money to invest. Therefore, many insurance adjusters receive bonuses if they do not pay out many claims.

The next step is that your personal injury lawyer will prepare your case for trial. This can take several weeks because it often requires a great deal of evidence to be studied and expert witnesses to be found.

Somewhere about 45 days after your accident, your lawyer will serve papers on the insurance company, and your court date will be set.

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