Time for Central Air Replacement by an HVAC Contractor in New Braunfels

In southern states, central air conditioners usually must be replaced within 10 or 15 years because they are used so frequently. Homeowners should be aware of signs that it’s time to replace the unit instead of continuing to have it repaired. An HVAC contractor in New Braunfels provides maintenance, repair and installation of this equipment.

Frequent Need for Repairs

The main point to consider is how often the central air conditioner has been needing repair work. If the homeowners have to call for emergency service every year now, that’s a sign the unit should be replaced by an HVAC contractor in New Braunfels. A new appliance brings peace of mind that the air conditioner won’t break down on a very hot day when repair service may not be immediately available.

Efficiency Considerations

This older appliance is likely costing significantly more for electricity than would be the case with a new one. Older models were less efficient than newer ones to begin with and they also lose some efficiency over time. The wear and tear on the system can be managed to a certain extent with regular maintenance, but the equipment still gradually deteriorates.

Deciding When It’s Time for Replacement

Even so, there’s really no reason to replace a central air conditioner that works fine and rarely, if ever, needs repair. When repair service is required annually, that’s when homeowners should consider new installation.

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