Tight Tolerances with CNC Swiss Turning

Computer, numerical control (CNC) machining equipment, has completely automated the machine shop floor, delivering precision, complex components for product manufacturers. cnc swiss turning lathes deliver complex configurations and profiles in one set-up. It’s quite remarkable that CNC technology enables one set-up to perform interpolation with live tools, drilling cross holes, performing “Y-axis” milling, including flats, thread milling and much more.

The end component is delivered with 100% accuracy and high replication speeds. It’s no wonder today’s machinists’ are highly-skilled programmers that use automation equipment in the manufacturing of parts.

Complexities of Shapes
CNC Swiss turning lathes produce all types of components for product manufacturers in the energy, aerospace, military, automotive and other sectors. Today’s components are generated in all types of complex shapes and sizes thanks to automated tools that handle vertical and horizontal positioning. Even 3D components are making their way to the product manufacturing assembly lines.

Some machine companies provides in-house engineers to work on the development and final design for client components. As with many types of automation, program software is included that runs machine equipment with shared platform capabilities.

Key Differentiators
Which CNC machine company bid should I accept? It’s a safe option to work with a single-source commercial machining manufacturer. If you need to outsource the entire development and testing, your company can count on a single-source machine company to manage the entire production cycle.

Another key differentiator centers around the shift from the 1970’s culture of just-in-time methodologies to quick response manufacturing (QRM) as a strategy for parts delivery. The shift to focus on shorter lead-times can reduce costs by 20 to 30%. QRM transforms the traditional functional departments to “QRM cells” that are more flexible with a holistic approach to execution and workflow. By exploiting system dynamics, shorter lead times enable suppliers to realize reduced costs in planning, expediting, with no need for inventory.

Competitive Supply Marketplace
There are plenty of CNC machine manufacturers of components for your next product design. Like any industry that embraces technology, you have a greater choice due to competitive pricing. Focusing on the front-end solutions with QRM and prototyping saves clients’ money and gets their final products to market before their competitors. It’s not rocket science, but it is 100% precision components generated at high replication speeds.

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