Three Wonderfully Adaptable Ideas for Bathroom Mirrors from Mirrors Services in Brooklyn MI

What is a good mirror? It is not a question that is easily answered by anyone who wants to add a “little something extra” to their home decor. Sure, a good mirror is one that works. But, there is certainly something more. It is that “something more” that home decorators are asking when they seek the best mirror for their bathroom space. Mirrors Services in Brooklyn MI can help ease the process. Below are a handful of bathroom mirror ideas to get the brain circulating.

The “no border”

The back surface or backsplash can blend right in with the mirror. The mirror itself can be bordered by a very thin or almost invisible line that hardly separates it from the wall. This is a contemporary style that is popular for its blatant simplicity in design. There is no gaudy barrier. There is no etching or stone. It is simply a plain-faced mirror. The blending in with the background effect is also a contemplative part of its charm.


Portholes are round, and they often contain a thick border. Circular mirrors are popular for their unique style. They toss away the traditional square or rectangle design for something more effacing and immediate. Many customers think a porthole needs to be very small, but that is not the case. The porthole can be large, and some customers have it as large as four feet across. Others opt for a spin on the style with the “double porthole.” The style incorporates two small or medium-sized portholes next to each other. It is a dazzling style choice.

The mirror border

Another quick concept is to have a thick border that is also a mirror. In a sense, the border is present. But, the border is the same design and look of the mirror itself. It creates a sensational design suitable for bathrooms that have a lot of dark coloration, as recommended by Maple City Glass Inc.

Any of the above ideas can be used wonderfully or used very poorly. Use Mirrors Services in Brooklyn MI to find the right match. Consider changing elements around the mirror to keep the aesthetic consistent. Mirrors are glorious and gorgeous. In the wrong environment, they can stick out like a sore thumb.

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