Three Whitetail Hunting Tips to Bag a Trophy Buck in Boerne, TX

Are you aiming for an impressive hunting trophy to hang on your wall this deer season? As every seasoned hunter knows, getting that prized buck takes a lot of effort and skill. Whether you’re going on trophy whitetail hunts in Boerne, TX or heading out to your local hunting preserve, here are three tips to help you bag your dream buck.

Get an Early Start

Whitetail deer are most active at dawn, so you’ll have to wake up early if you want the best odds of bagging one. The best conditions for seeing bucks and does alike are cool and misty early mornings.

Avoid Noises and Scents

Did you know that deer can hear and smell better than they can see? Because deer are so sensitive to sounds and smells, it’s important to be very quiet and avoid wearing any colognes or fragrances when hunting.

Map Out Your Spot in Advance

Take advantage of the digital age and use online maps or satellite apps to find the best whitetail hunting locations. Some trophy whitetail hunts in Boerne, TX can even help you find your perfect hunting spot on their property.

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