Three Ways to Ensure Your Print Services are Completed Correctly

It may feel like the digital era has made print services and materials obsolete, but the opposite is true. The reason why companies that do scan, copy, and print in Edmonton are still in business is because there still is a demand for print materials. From graphic design to specialty printing as well as promotional printing, these shops have expanded their offerings to satisfy the needs of customers. When you work with a shop, you must ensure you and their representative are on the same page.

Here are three ways to ensure your print services are completed correctly.

Speak with a Representative

Even when your print job is simple, it is a good idea to speak with a representative at the shop. If you can, do it in person. The representative puts together a print order based on the information they receive. While you are speaking with them, you can pay attention to the details they require. Next time, you can submit the order over the phone or online. The goal is to not leave out anything vital that could delay your job.

Provide the Correct Format

Being on the same page as the shop is important. Submitting your template in the correct format is just as important. Many print companies have switched over to digital formats that allow you to submit the template over email or online form. You can also drop off a copy on a USB drive. You simply must ensure that you are submitting the correct format.

Give them Enough Time

Once you have checked off all the requirements, ideally, you will submit your order before your deadline. The turnaround time for scan, copy, and print in Edmonton depends on demand. If you have a rush job, others must be pushed back leading to higher fees.

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