Three Ways Sand In Austin, TX Can Be Used For Landscaping Projects

One of the most underutilized products is sand, as its versatility makes it an excellent choice for a wide array of projects big and small. In addition to being easy to work with, sand in Austin, TX is also affordable and can make nearly any landscaping project less stressful on a wallet. The following is a quick look at just three of the many ways sand can be used to transform a yard from a dull outdoor space into the ultimate oasis.

Leveling Pavers

Pavers are small blocks of concrete that can be used to create outdoor seating areas and walking paths. One of the trickiest parts of installing pavers is making sure each block is level, so the final surface not only looks great but is safe to use. Applying a base of sand where the pavers will be laid makes it easy to level the surface accurately, and the sand will help to hold the pieces in place until all of the blocks have been positioned.

Children’s Play Areas

The most prominent concern of most parents is making sure their children are safe while playing outdoors. Though mulch and other landscaping products can be used to line a child’s play area, they pale in comparison to good old-fashioned sand. In addition to being low maintenance, sand also provides a much softer play surface and can make accidental slips and falls less painful.

Increased Drainage

One of the most stressful parts of maintaining plants is making sure they have the proper amount of water at all times. Modern soil additives are helpful for regulating water levels but are often expensive. Sand in Austin, TX is a great alternative and, when placed in the bottom of a planter, it can help increase water retention and lessen the frequency at which a plant needs to be watered.

Sand is an inexpensive product that has a plethora of uses. The team at Loftin Trucking & Materials LLC offers delivery of large quantities of sand for an affordable price. Check out their site or call today to learn more and discover how sand can be utilized to transform any outdoor space.